Funerals Can Be Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of money to plan a great funeral for someone you love who has departed. While funerals can certainly be expensive, there are ways to minimize costs while still holding a beautiful service that properly honors the person you’ve lost. Here are a few tips for minimizing the strain on your family’s budget when planning a funeral.

Financial Support Options

Families with limited financial resources can often find monetary assistance through the state or other sources. Check to find out if your loved one has a life insurance policy or death benefits through his or her employer or union. You may also be able to find charitable assistance or set up an online charity campaign to help you raise money for funeral supplies, funeral service costs, and a cemetery plot.

Search for Low-Cost Options

You don’t have to purchase an expensive grave stone through the cemetery. There are plenty of headstone companies on the Internet that offer lower-cost options. You can also find cost-saving options in other areas, including green burial plots versus cemetery burial plots, or even an honorable and respectable cremation. Conducting a funeral yourself can also be a great way to cut overall funeral expenses.

Compare and Contrast Prices

The cost of cremation and funeral services can vary widely from one funeral home to the next. For this reason, you should always compare prices between various funeral homes before making a selection. Make sure you’re only comparing prices for identical packages and services. Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission requires funeral homes to disclose their General Price List to anyone who requests it.

Preplanning a Funeral is Best

One of the most important things you can do when planning a funeral on a budget is to get started before a death occurs. When you plan in advance, you’re less likely to choose expensive services and products simply because you don’t have time to shop around. Keep the above tips in mind and you should be able to hold a beautiful funeral service without breaking the bank.