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2015 AKJA National Grand Champion

Fourteen Grand Champion koi from shows throughout the United States were entered in the 2015 American Koi Judges Association National Champion Koi competition. Photographs were submitted to the AKJA Judging Committee, and judges were asked to vote in two rounds. In the first round, each judge selected his or her top three nominations for Grand Champion. From these selections, the four koi receiving the most votes were presented for a second round of voting.

In a very close competition, the National Champion was awarded to a Sakai FF Kohaku owned by Dahn Phan,2015 AKJA National Champion who won Grand Champion at the Dallas Koi Kichi Koi Show. Reserve Champion was awarded to a Dainichi Kohaku owned by Jason Yates, who won Grand Champion at the Central Florida Koi Show.2015 AKJA National Reserve Champion

Dahns’ Kohaku, a stunning two-step, was born in 2008, and currently measures at 84 cm. Judges were impressed with the even, tight body line, the sharp edging to the pattern, and the clean, thick beni pattern set off by the bright shiroji background. Dahn raises this kohaku in his 5000 gallon pond, with only six other koi. He obtained this koi from another hobbyist who had originally purchased it from Pan Intercorp. At a relatively young age of only seven years, we can expect to see more of this impressive koi in the future.

Jasons’ Kohaku is no stranger to East Coast hobbyists, as she had won previous Grand Champion honors, on 3 consecutive occasions, at the ZNA Potomac show prior to winning at the CFKS. This impressively full-bodied three-step Dainichi Kohaku currently measures at 84 cm and is only six years old. The koi was provided by Kodama Koi Farm.


The American Koi Judges Association wishes to congratulate each of the fourteen Grand Champion koi entered in this, the first AKJA National Champion competition.


In addition to the two winners, the owners and koi shows at which their koi won Grand Champion are as follows:

Atlanta Koi Club, won by Dave and Karen Hardcastle with a four-year-old Sakai FF Kohaku, obtained from Pan Intercorp, and currently measuring at 86cm

Midwest Pond and Koi Society (Chicago), won by Dick and Brenda Thomas, with a Sakai FF Sanke purchased from the breeder on a buying trip to Japan. This Sanke currently measures at 80cm and is six years old.

The Dayton Koi Club Grand Champion is owned by Linda Kinney. Her Kohaku, bred by Shintaro and obtained from Sugar Loaf Koi, is five years old and currently measures at just under 70cm.

The North Florida/First Coast Koi Club (Jacksonville) combined show Grand Champion was a Torazo Sanke owned by Jim and Margy McManus.

The Greater Louisville Koi and Goldfish Society Grand Champion was an 80 cm Omosako Shiro Utsuri, owned by Nelson Castro.

The Grand Champion of the Michigan Koi and Pond Club show was a 70 cm 16 year-old (!!) Shiro Utsuri bred by Omosako and owned by Bill and Jan Doyle.

The Middle Georgia Koi Show Grand Champion was a 75cm 6-year-old Hoshikin Kohaku obtained from Kodama Koi Farm and owned by Bret and Liz Wilson.

The Upper Midwest Koi Club (Minnesota) Grand Champion was was a Sakai FF Kohaku, five years old, and measuring at 75 cm. Bill and Jan Doyle (the only double entrants in this years’ competition) obtained this koi from Koi Acres Koi Farm.

The Grand Champion of the Carolina Classic Koi Show (North Carolina Koi and Watergarden Society) was a 70 cm five-year-old Kazuto Ikarashi Kohaku owned by Rich Eitel.

Grant and Penny Patton are the owners of the South Carolina Regional Koi Show Grand Champion. They won with a 90 cm (the largest koi in this years’ competition) eight-year-old Sanke bred by Uonuma Koi Farm and provided by Kodama Koi Farm.

The Southern Arizona Koi Association (Tucson) Grand Champion was a four-year-old Marusada Showa owned by Brent Van Koevering. Brents’ Showa was obtained from PSKoi, and is currently measuring at 70 cm.

The ZNA Potomac Grand Champion was a Murata-bred Showa, seven years old, measuring at 80 cm, and owned by John Lentzis. John obtained this Showa from Kodama Koi Farm.


The Finalists


The 2015 National AKJA National Champion Koi Competition

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