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Senior Certified & AKJA Committee Member
819 Hewitt Drive
Port Orange
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(386) 767-0814
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819 Hewitt Dr.
Port Orange
Miscellaneous Information:


Joe, and his wife, Sherri, lives in the Daytona Beach area in Florida. Now retired, Joe was a specialist in early childhood development and assessment, and did diagnostic evaluations for children with low incidence exceptionalities for school systems. Sherri is an RN and worked as a nurse educator for a community college and a hospital. Their two adult children live in Gainesville, Florida, and Kaaawa, (Oahu) Hawaii.

Koi Club Memberships

Joe and Sherri are founding members of the Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club (1998) and the ZNA Southern Koi Association (2004). Both are directors and founding members of the Koi Society (2012). They are also long time members of the MAKC and the Orlando Area Koi and Pond Club. Joe has held officer positions in several clubs and continues to assist clubs with their web sites and koi shows.

Koi Show Participation, Judging and Other Hobby Activities

Since the beginning of the Orlando koi show in 1998 Joe has chaired many of the Orlando shows, and has done water quality for numerous shows in Florida and the southeastern USA. In 2001 he entered the AKCA Judge Program as a candidate judge graduating with the 2004 class. He has judged shows in all parts of the USA, and has judged in Holland and Brazil. While not a ZNA judge, he has attended many of the ZNA judging seminars including the most recent ZNA seminar held at the All Japan Show in February 2012. Joe has attended AKCA judge programs and seminars from 1994 to 2011 before joining the American Koi Judges Association.

Joe and Sherri have made three koi buying trips to Japan. They have shown their koi in many shows from Florida to New York. Joe has appeared on television and radio shows to talk about the koi hobby, and has presented at koi seminars and spoken at many club meetings on the topics of water quality, koi pond construction and filtration, koi health, and koi appreciation. Joe managed the KOI USA magazine web site for five years, then was editor for a short time before leaving the magazine in 2012. He is currently working on a new online magazine, The American Koi Keeper, for the Koi Society, a newly formed national hobby organization. Joe welcomes opportunities to judge at all koi shows regardless of club or show affiliations.

Koi Pond

Joe has designed and built several koi ponds. Currently his pond is approximately 10,000 gallons with another 2000 in filtration. The pond is 52 feet long and varying depth to five feet. His pond has three surface skimmers and three bottom drains that gravity feed water to two large in ground vortex settling chambers before entering   bio-media chambers. Two small waterfalls and seven wall jets return water to the pond.

AKJA Judging Committee

Chairman Bryan Bateman
Committee Member Joe White
Committee Member Mike Frady

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