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Senrior Certified & AKJA Committee Chairman
245 Middaugh Road
Clarendon Hills
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(630) 640-6066
(630) 640-6066
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Miscellaneous Information:

Biographical Information

Our family resides in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I own and operate a family metal finishing business. My wife Bay and I have enjoyed the koi hobby since 1992, when we purchased our first koi for a small backyard pond. We enjoy showing our koi in shows throughout the Midwest and East Coast, and have been honoured to win Grand Champion on 12 occasions, as well as a second place finish as national Koi of the Year in 2005 and first place in 2008. We enjoy traveling (mostly to koi shows!), reading, gardening, and relaxing by our ponds.  


Koi Club Memberships

My home club is the Midwest Pond and Koi Society, based in the Chicago Metropolitan area, but including members from throughout the Midwest.   I also belong to the Northern Midwest ZNA, IKONA, Greater Louisville Koi and Goldfish Society, and the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club.   I have served as President of MPKS and have been chair or co-chair of our Koi Show since 1998.

Koi Pond

Two small connected ponds of approximately 800 gallons for growing young koi, and a 10,000 gallon liner pond filtered by home-made horizontal gravity flow filter as well as Nexus and Clarity units.   Home to 12 large show koi.

Koi Judging Experience

I have judged over 40 shows throughout the U.S. as well as being invited to judge the Holland Koi Show in 2007and 2011. We travelled to Japan in 2005 on a koi buying trip and to see the birthplace of Nishikigoi. I have enjoyed writing articles on koi appreciation, health, and husbandry, which have been published in various newsletters and magazines.   Have attended and presented talks at AKCA Seminars since 1998, and have participated in ZNA Judging seminars in Holland and the U.S.


Koi Judge Credentials

  • Certified as AKCA Judge in 2005.
  • AKCA Judges Committee Member – 2009 to 2012. Resigned as AKCA judge and from AKCA judges committee in June 2012.
  • Appointed to AKJA Judges Committee - June 2012 Certified as American Koi Judges Association (AKJA) judge - June 2012

AKJA Judging Committee

Chairman Bryan Bateman
Committee Member Joe White
Committee Member Mike Frady

 webmaster:  Dale R Gingerich


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